a. Use and Installation

Poggemeyer Design Group will acquire software licenses for all PDG-approved software products, as required by the vendor’s license agreements, to accommodate the number of computers or users of each of the software products. All software purchases shall be handled by the IT Department. Requests for additional software or licenses should be approved by department supervisors and submitted to the IT Department in writing. PDG forbids the use of illegally copied or acquired software.

Employees may use only legally purchased/licensed software when conducting the firm’s business adhering to the terms of the license agreement issued by the software vendors. This includes both stand-alone and network licenses. Each stand-alone personal computer requires a separate stand-alone license for each copy of the software product in use unless PDG has an agreement with the vendor for either a network license or a multi-copy license.

PDG will provide all software used on computers which are the property of the firm. Employees will not be permitted to install their own personal software, or software that has not been approved by PDG, on any of the computers owned or leased by the company. The IT Department will develop and maintain a list of approved software and the licensing and installation locations of all software used. A random review of the computer systems that are the property of the firm or that are used by employees in conducting the business of the firm will be conducted by the IT Department. Software that does not meet the licensing agreements or is not found on the list of approved software may be removed from a computer.

When software is purchased or received, it shall be properly scanned for viruses and then installed by the IT Department. Original disks or CD-roms will be stored in a central location and maintained by the IT Department. All software purchased by PDG will be licensed to Poggemeyer Design Group, and warranty cards or license agreements will reflect same. Employee’s or individual’s names will not appear on software purchased and installed by the firm.

Software demonstration programs or shareware versions of software must be approved by PDG and properly handled by the IT Department before installation on any computers owned by PDG. As is the policy with most demonstration software, this software will be uninstalled or deleted approximately 30 days after installation unless otherwise described in the licensing of the software.

PDG may, at its discretion, choose to purchase/license software to reside on non-firm owned personal computers. The software acquired must be compatible with the approved software standards, and licensing and rights will remain with PDG. After the software has been installed, the original distribution disks or CD-roms will be stored by the IT Department along with the other software licensed by the firm. If the owner of the personal computer decides to sell or otherwise no longer maintain use of the computer, this software will be uninstalled or deleted from the system. If the employee decides to leave the company, any and all software that is licensed to the firm will be uninstalled or deleted from their personal computer systems. This is not to imply that it will be considered normal practice for PDG to purchase or provide software for its employees to use at home.

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