Paperwork / Filing

The resource assistants are responsible for coordinating all typing for the wing. Employees may type draft documents, but the resource assistant must spell check, edit as needed, and prepare the final document according to company policy.

Contracts With Clients
The department manager or marketing manager typically prepares all client contracts. Execution of contracts on behalf of PDG or the client is restricted to specific individuals. Jack Jones or Mike Atherine must approve all contract fees. Signed original contracts are filed in Accounting with a copy in the department project file.

The resource assistant in your wing is responsible for coordinating document copying and binding.

A central filing system is maintained in each wing according to company policy so that all project information is available to everyone involved in a project. Employees should not maintain project files in their office. The resource assistant is responsible for the filing in each wing; however, all employees are requested to return files to the appropriate file drawer when finished.

File Storage - Dead Files
Closed jobs are periodically pulled from the current files for storage. The location of each file and drawing is entered into a database for future retrieval; therefore, storage and retrieval of documents must be coordinated with the resource assistant and print room staff.

This document does not represent a contractual obligation. The company reserves the right to change these policies or the interpretation of these policies at will.

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