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BG Communications

Bowling Green Telephones
In Bowling Green, to place an outside call, dial “9” and the phone number. To call Toledo, press the Toledo Line button, and dial normally, but do not dial “1” before the “419” area code.

To pick up a call from your desk phone, press the Park & Retrieve button, or press Park & Retrieve and dial your extension number from any phone. When the switchboard is closed, incoming calls ring certain phones throughout the building. Calls may be answered from any ringing phone, or by dialing ”#5#9” from any phone.

Cell Phones
Employees that receive calls on their personal cell phone during business hours are asked to use the vibration alert mode to minimize disruption in the office. Inspectors, marketing staff, and other employees that conduct company business by cell phone are asked to use conference rooms or open work stations when taking calls. Personal calls and texting during business hours should be kept to a minimum.

The receptionist handles all outgoing faxes. Cover sheets are available on the computer network or in the copy room. Incoming faxes are received upstairs and distributed periodically.

Voice Mail
The BG office utilizes an automated voice mail system for messaging. Employees' friends and family members are expected to call directly into the voice mail system by dialing either the Toledo (419-244-9369) or Bowling Green (419-354-1844) voice mail phone number. This eliminates unnecessary traffic on our switchboard and enables us to focus on handling client phone calls.

The company e-mail system is provided for business purposes. Personal use should be kept to a minimum and limited to lunch time or after business hours. Any potentially offensive e-mail is strictly prohibited. The e-mail system is monitored both for abuse and content.

Each resource assistant has an ‟out” box for outgoing mail, faxes, etc. The resource assistants route and process all out-going mail for their assigned wing, and periodically distribute internal mail throughout the day.

Incoming mail is picked up at the local post office about 10:30 a.m. and opened, stamped, and distributed by Noon. Employees are encouraged to direct all personal mail to their homes. Personal mail received at the office is subject to being opened.

Outgoing mail must be in the mail room for processing as shown below. Any late mail must be coordinated in advance with the resource assistant.

UPS (including overnight)	3:30 p.m.
US Mail			        4:15 p.m.

Items to be held for pickup are given to the receptionist. Slips to sign for receipt of the item are available in the mail processing area.

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