BG Alarm System

Every employee will be issued a five digit alarm code number.

False Alarms

If the alarm is tripped by accident, turn off the alarm or notify the alarm company at 1-800-832-5276. The alarm company will phone the office before sending the police. The code number to verify that you are an employee is 2693.

False Fire Alarm

To deactivate the alarm after it has been determined that there is definitely no fire, enter the code 2233 into the keypad.


If a stranger is attempting to enter the building with you or you need help, enter 99 before your code no. (Ex: 9912345)


If you have trouble with your code number when turning the system on or off, wait several seconds before attempting to enter code again.

First person in - Turning Off The Security System If the red light on the panel is on, punch in your 5-digit code number within one minute of entering the building. The red light will turn to green. If the light is already green, the alarm is off.

Last person out - Turning On The Security System

 •  	Verify that you are the last person in the building by pressing the ALL PAGE button on the phone and announcing "Alarm to be set. Please call (ext. no.)."
 •  	The panel should read "system ready." If the panel reads "check status," hold down key 3 until all problem zones are displayed. Correct problem and verify that the panel reads "system ready."
 •  	Punch in your code number. The light will turn to red and the panel will read "armed."
 •  	Leave the building within 30 seconds.
 •  	Be sure the outside door is locked.

To Silence The Alarm

 •  	Enter your code number.

If you are unable to set the alarm, be sure the outside doors are locked, leave the building, and notify Jack Fischer that the alarm is not working.

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